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7 Steps to the Perfect Salad

For the second part of my collaboration: Smaak and Style with Kelly Camfferman from Good Food Love and Biano.nl we came up with these easy tips to creating that perfect salad! Salads do not have to be difficult to be beautiful and creative. I believe...

The Perfect Table Styling

Collaboration Time! A few months ago Kelly Camfferman from Good Food Love and I were brainstorming ideas for creating videos that could inspire others. Of course her speciality is Food and mine is Interior so we came up with the idea of making video's about how...

DIY: Industrial Bohemian Style Christmas Dinner

Christmas Dinner Interior Styling Tips Creating a styled Christmas dinner table that it playful and cozy is always a challenge. Recently I was asked to style a dinner for Sonos speakers for their recent partnership with Spotify. They have launched a new application called "potluck playlist"....


What Color Can Do For Your Interior Styling

DARE TO YELLOW Not afraid to make a statement? How about in your interior styling? Maybe it's something you always wanted to do but you didn't dare. I hope these inspiring interior photos can help you take the leap! Don't worry...

Interior Styling Tip: The Velvet Touch

We can't ignore it any longer: the velvet trend! And you don't want to. It is such a beautiful material! Velvet has a rich history and there is a good reason for that. This material gives your interior that extra special luxurious shine. Don't worry, you...


3 Ways Psychology Can Support Interior Styling

Maybe you don't immediately make a connection between interior design and psychology but there is a very strong link between the two. Our surroundings effect us immensely, if it's consciously or subconsciously, our minds and emotions are taking in every scent, color, and feeling of...

6 Things Leather Straps Can Do For Your Interior

We all love DIY's, right? How can a small piece of leather become a new eye catcher in your interior? (And don't you love these pretty pictures?) Try using it to hang up your favorite magazine, create a unique hook for your towel...