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DIY: Industrial Bohemian Style Christmas Dinner

Christmas Dinner Interior Styling Tips Creating a styled Christmas dinner table that it playful and cozy is always a challenge. Recently I was asked to style a dinner for Sonos speakers for their recent partnership with Spotify. They have launched a new application called "potluck playlist"....


What Color Can Do For Your Interior Styling

DARE TO YELLOW Not afraid to make a statement? How about in your interior styling? Maybe it's something you always wanted to do but you didn't dare. I hope these inspiring interior photos can help you take the leap! Don't worry...

Interior Styling Tip: The Velvet Touch

We can't ignore it any longer: the velvet trend! And you don't want to. It is such a beautiful material! Velvet has a rich history and there is a good reason for that. This material gives your interior that extra special luxurious shine. Don't worry, you...


3 Ways Psychology Can Support Interior Styling

Maybe you don't immediately make a connection between interior design and psychology but there is a very strong link between the two. Our surroundings effect us immensely, if it's consciously or subconsciously, our minds and emotions are taking in every scent, color, and feeling of...

6 Things Leather Straps Can Do For Your Interior

We all love DIY's, right? How can a small piece of leather become a new eye catcher in your interior? (And don't you love these pretty pictures?) Try using it to hang up your favorite magazine, create a unique hook for your towel...