7 Steps to the Perfect Salad

For the second part of my collaboration: Smaak and Style with Kelly Camfferman from Good Food Love and Biano.nl we came up with these easy tips to creating that perfect salad! Salads do not have to be difficult to be beautiful and creative. I believe that the presentation of food is a large part of the taste and experience of it!

Check out this video of Kelly giving you all the tips and tricks!

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7 steps to the perfect salad 

Step 1: Choose your greens

Maybe you are a fan of spicy rucola or crunchy spinach – is doesn’t matter what you choose. There are so many great chooses out there and some more colourful than others. This is an important basis for your salad and nothing is better than fresh fresh fresh.

Step 2: Put Some Bite Into It

Think of vegetables that have a nice crunch to them like cucumber, radish or asparagus. Don’t choose something with a strong flavour since they are there to compliment the other ingredients and enhance the texture of the salad.

Step 3: Add a Little Soft Side

To keep building this salad up to perfection next add a soft veggie.  For example you could use tomatoes (though they are officially categorised as a fruit…), avocado or something more filling like oven roasted sweet potatoes.  TIP: Don’t stir everything together yet! You get a nice fresh look if you build up the salad in layers. 


Step 4: Something Unexpected

Maybe you don’t think about adding fresh herbs to your salad, but it is a surprising element you can add that creates tons of flavour. Fresh basil packs a ton of flavour and goes great with most salad ingredients. You can also choose for mint, koriander, or chives. All you need to do is chop it up and throw it in.

Step 5: Protein

You can go for chicken (grilled, pan cooked, boiled, etc), egg, cheese or if you prefer the vegetarian options lentils or black beans. This is a great way to give your salad a sturdy basis for your meal.

Step 6: Get a little Nutty

As a topper we love to add nuts to our salads. You can choose sunflower seeds, almonds (my favourite), walnuts or pretty green pumpkin seeds. It is also another great source of protein and a pretty topper!

Step 7: The Dressing

Leave the bottle dressing at the store, you can easily make it yourself! Mix an oil and something sour – a trick that helps the dressing easily combine. You can make your dressing simple with oil, freshly squeezed lemon juice, paper and salt or you can add mustard like we did! You can make it in a small bowl or use our little tip and put it directly in a bottle. Easy to mix and whats leftover can be stored in the refrigerator.

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