Interior styling, event styling and interior design with a Scandinavian but personal feel.  

I believe that interior styling can tell a story. Whether it is:

home interior styling

office interior styling

restaurant interior design

event styling

who you are can be reflecting in the interior space.

How do I do that?

If you are a company and you have a clear image and vision, your interior styling can bring those elements back into your space;

in the lighting, wall color, and interior accessoires to provide your customer with an  experience of your brand in your interior.

Together we can create a plan that will fit you and your customers needs and desires.

If you are wanting to style your home, your story has to do with your values, the things that make your heart beat,

the experiences you have had in your life as well as your history with home.

In what kind of interior do you feel the most as HOME? We can talk about these things and create a plan that best fits your needs and desires.

The interior styling and atmosphere should tell your story.

I would love to help you do that!